"Taking a focused and detailed approach to strategically and systematically reverse pain"

Our comprehensive program draws from the well-researched concepts of directional preference and centralization. Simply put, directional preference means we systematically examine movements and positions to find the best spinal direction that reduces your pain and enables you to move and feel better. When you have pain, numbness, or tingling that spreads out from your spine and potentially down into your limb; this is known as peripheralization (of symptoms). Conversely, when can we identify a clear directional preference, these peripheral symptoms will start to lessen, reverse direction, and retract back up the limb; centralizing towards the spine. Complete centralization is when all symptoms of numbness, heaviness, tingling, or pain are eliminated and abolished.

When necessary, we can apply manual techniques such as soft-tissue or joint manipulation and mobilization to reduce your symptoms and accelerate your recovery. Many times, simple exercises performed frequently throughout the day to off-load the irritated areas of the spine are effective at calming down sensitized nerves to reduce and centralize symptoms.