"Performance" is the skilled execution of a task.

Whether that task is something as fundamental as getting up from a bed, as advanced as a golf swing, or dancing in a ballet, performance is a necessary and important part of life.

At REVERT LLC, we are trained in highly specialized techniques and offer focused programs to strategically accelerate your performance.

The brain cannot fix what the brain cannot see. If you have dizziness or imbalance, you do NOT have to “just learn to live with it”.
— Dr. Richard E. Gans, American Institute of Balance

If you adopt certain positions or perform certain movements that cause your back to ‘go out’, then if we understand the problem fully we can identify other movements and other positions that, if practised and adopted, can reverse that process. You put it out you put it back in.
— Robin McKenzie, CNZM, OBE, FCSP (Hon.), FNZSP (Hon.), Dip. MT
Exercise is about more than fitness - it is a physiological tool in the fight against Parkinson’s disease.
— Dr. Becky Farley, Parkinson Wellness Recovery

A common but unfortunate saying is that the pain is in your head….this saying implies that it’s not real, but fabricated. This is not true. However, pain is located in your head, within your brain. When you have pain, the brain is very active processing it. How your brain processes it determines the pain you experience. So yes, your pain experience is in your head, but it’s real. It can be measured, and it can be changed for the better.
— Dr. Adriaan Louw, International Spine & Pain Institute