"Recognizing Your Brain."

Also known as mild traumatic brain injury (mTBI), concussions can occur with a blow to the head (such as with a fall or collision). They can also occur with any motion of the body that whips the head and neck back and forth suddenly and forcefully (such as a car or sports accident).

Concussions can cause a cascade of symptoms that may include dizziness, fogginess, headaches, nausea, fatigue, blurred vision, neck pain, disequilibrium, and imbalance. No two people are exactly alike, no two brains are exactly alike, and no two injuries are exactly alike. Therefore every concussion must be managed individually in a focused and detailed way to facilitate a quicker recovery. At REVERT LLC, we use the ImPACT® Concussion Clinical Trajectories Model to classify and treat your specific type of concussion. Specifically, we look at the following clinical areas: vision/ocular, vestibular, cognitive/fatigue, post-traumatic migraine, cervical, and anxiety/mood. We have many tools to help with these areas including vision therapy, vestibular therapy, exercise, orthopedic manual therapy, exertion therapy, and therapeutic neuroscience education.

Ultimately, recovery from concussion requires a multi-disciplinary approach. Your concussion team should be comprised of the following: you, your family, your physician, your neuropsychologist, your physical therapist, your neuro-optometrist, and (if you are an athlete) your athletic trainer and your coach. At REVERT LLC, we are committed to staying in close communication with your other healthcare providers and specialists to maximize your recovery. After you have received a thorough medical evaluation from your primary care or physician specialist, we can provide specific and effective physical therapy interventions to reduce or eliminate many of your symptoms.